Quote: The power and depth of music

I have always found comfort in music and I came across this short passage on the power of music. Perhaps that is why music has been so meaningful to me:

[In] Luther’s words: “music is the best tonic for the troubled soul … I have always loved music; singing has nothing to do with the world.” And whatever has nothing to do with the world frees us from it. It releases us from life and leads us into our own soul and to the deepest regions of our nature. It finds us and leads us even when all else has left us, and its power triumphs when it resounds in our darkest hour. (p. 52)

Finlay, Ian F. (1952). Music in Gotfrid’s ‘Tristan’. Music & Letters, 33(1), 50-54.


About paulomusic

I'm a musician at heart with a passion for playing and for musical instruments. I used to play the oboe professionally for many years but stopped when I started a PhD in educational psychology. Now, I want to bring the music back to my life and also share some ideas about it.
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