Corelli – Sonata a Quattro

This video is my own recording of a sonata by Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) originally composed for trumpet, two violins, and basso. I recorded it with an oboe, two mandolins, and an acoustic bass guitar (all of them played by yours truly).

This is my first music video on YouTube. It is not as polished as I would like but I wanted to post it. It is my intention to post more videos as I record them (and they all will be announced in this blog).

Here is then, Corelli’s Sonata a Quattro, WoO 4.
1. Adagio
2. Allegro
3. Grave
4. Allegretto
5. Allegro

Those interested can find the sheet music for it at,_WoO_4_(Corelli,_Arcangelo)


About paulomusic

I'm a musician at heart with a passion for playing and for musical instruments. I used to play the oboe professionally for many years but stopped when I started a PhD in educational psychology. Now, I want to bring the music back to my life and also share some ideas about it.
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4 Responses to Corelli – Sonata a Quattro

  1. Nice job on the mixing! Also great choice of repertoire and instrumentation : gives an Adriatic feeling that might very well have existed at the time! Do indeed continue with the You-Tubes!


  2. Sunil Sebastian Mendes says:

    Excellent Paulo, however it sounds a little weak, coz you have not used trumpet. Nonetheless its great. Have you heard Correllis curch a nd chamber sonatas. Correlli is my favorite composer. He’s much better than Vivaldi. Vivaldi is stereotyped. I am from India I stay in Bombay. From sunil


    • paulomusic says:

      Thank you for your comments, Sunil! I did take a risk changing the original instrumentation, but because I used soft instruments (mandolin and acoustic bass guitar), a trumpet might not have match them well. Corelli composed beautiful pieces. Vivaldi may be a little “overplayed” but he also has incredible works. I’ve been also exploring some pieces by Albinoni lately. Thanks again!


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