About me

Me and some members of my collection

I’m a musician at heart with a passion for playing and for musical instruments. I used to play the oboe professionally for many years but stopped when I started (and finished!) a PhD in educational psychology and changed careers. Now, I want to bring the music back to my life and also share some ideas about it, and this is the goal of this blog.

I have a background in music performance (oboe – Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees), ethnomusicology and anthropology, cultural and media studies, and computer science.

In the field of educational psychology, I’m interested in instructional design, instructional strategies, presentations, and technology in education. My focus is on adult learning, faculty development, and higher education.

I have taught many courses at the university level, courses ranging from oboe lessons and chamber music to developmental and cognitive psychology, and teacher preparation. I have also worked as an instructional consultant for higher education instructors. Currently, I am an instructional designer at Pima Community College, in Tucson, AZ.


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PauloMusic YouTube site

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From time to time I post random ideas or quotes on my Thoughts & Noises blog (I haven’t posted there in a long time though),

I also used to post some videos and pictures I find interesting on



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