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Music, movement, and emotion (scientifically speaking…)

I’ve been following Robin’s blog (Born Again Oboe!), and in one of his postings ( he commented on oboists moving, or “dancing,” while they play. I’ve came across different opinions about this debate, and I personally think that there is no … Continue reading

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Music improvisation and brain activity

This presentation on creativity, music improvisation, and brain activity is fascinating. Charles Limb is a doctor, musician, and researcher, and in this video, he shows some of his findings when analyzing the brain activity of a jazz musician and a rapper through … Continue reading

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Neural Encoding of Music

I just came across this very interesting page by the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at the Northwestern University’s School of Communication. They write: Musical experience has a pervasive effect on the nervous system. Our recent articles show that lifelong musical experience … Continue reading

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