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More wisdom from Victor Wooten

The more I read about Victor Wooten and watch his videos the more impressed and inspired I become with his wisdom. It is not the kind of a highly philosophical wisdom that aims to change humankind. It is very down … Continue reading

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What I have been doing

It has been quite a while since my last post. This doesn’t mean that my music adventures ended and I didn’t have anything else to say about it in here. I just needed to refocus a little, take some time … Continue reading

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Oboe and Shakuhachi

I have always been interested in musical instruments of any kind, although my personal “expertise” and preference is in woodwind instruments. The oboe is my official instrument (and life companion), but I have tried other instruments, one of which is … Continue reading

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A short recording – The first

After having stopped playing my oboe for almost 10 years, I am now playing it again. I’ve been practicing now for almost a year (since August 2010). Technique, endurance, sound are little by little coming back along with reed making … Continue reading

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Music, movement, and emotion (scientifically speaking…)

I’ve been following Robin’s blog (Born Again Oboe!), and in one of his postings (┬áhe commented on oboists moving, or “dancing,” while they play. I’ve came across different opinions about this debate, and I personally think that there is no … Continue reading

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Oboe audition master classes

Christoph Hartman, oboist of the Berliner Philharmoniker, offers great advices in these master classes for those preparing for oboe auditions. These videos focus mostly on the audition materials for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 but his suggestions can be used … Continue reading

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